Carollyn is a West Australian artist who has taken inspiration from her childhood country background whilst living in Lake King, where the land and lakes extend as far as the eye can see. Visiting many outback WA country towns such as Cue and Mt Magnet, Carollyn has also crossed the Nullabor several times, including one journey on the back of a motorbike! She has experienced extensive overseas travel to Europe, Asia and New Zealand, places which have been highly inspirational in the content of her work.

The vast open spaces of the lakes and the effect of the sun on the landscape have become an integral part of her work. Colour, texture and the use of light are very important elements of her paintings as they promote a sense of space, atmosphere and mood. Preferring to work predominantly in acrylics and mixed media, Carollyn enjoys layering the paint to create a 3D effect, enabling one to enter and move through the painting.

My art philosophy is…

to allow the discovery of ones own capacity and creativity. Everyone has the ability to be creative, it’s just that conditioning during childhood has stifled much of their natural ability to intuatively create. By challenging ones belief system, giving  the freedom and the permission to make mistakes and to open  minds to endless possibilities,anything can  be created.

Life Changing Influences

Over the last several years I have done a great deal of personal development. I feel that these have all been of a great benefit to me my life, health and well being and have been instrumental in propelling me to levels of excellence in my life.

Gaining the confidence in many areas of my life and stepping into a new exciting world of self belief has been the catalyst for my recent move to create art on a full time basis. This is something that I have wanted to do all my life and have now taken the steps to achieve my dreams of exhibiting nationally and internationally.
I am happy to recommend the following organizations and pleased to take calls or emails on how I found them

  • Christopher Howard ( NLP functional training that equips you with the tools to use them in the real world)
  • Don Tolman ( a master of knowledge on whole foods as medicine, brain capacity and knowledge, questioning the establishment and answering unanswered questions. Looking at root causes for all problems )
  • XL Results ( a group of quality business people with a network of members from around the globe)

Carollyn Rhodes-Thompson

B/Ed and Teaching Diploma- Primary school teaching qualified K-12
-Art Specialist K-12
-Adult Painting Workshops
Exhibiting Artist/ painter

Singing- music theatre
– band member

NLP Master Practitioner

Background Overview…

…. a country girl at heart, born in Lake Grace and growing up in Lake King
…. mother of 3 XTRAORDINARY, wonderful, independent children.
…. Art teacher and general subjects in primary and high schools around Perth, Western Australia and Auckland, New Zealand spanning 30 years.
…. loves sharing her passion for painting and teaching people of all ages to paint, or rather encouraging the artist out of them.
…. enjoys photographing life and traveling
…. singing in a band and acting in amateur theatre
• …is a Don Tolman fan and a ”Boot Camp for Brains” graduate. See www.dontolmaninternational.com. Don is a truly admirable and respectable man with strong messages and passion for revolutions in Self-Care, Self-Education and Self-Government.
• ….passionate about helping people realize their potential in their daily lives using the NLP tools gained at Masters level with Christopher Howard.

believes in creating an XTRAORDINARy life …

Carollyn began her artistic journey due to an accident in her last year of primary school, where she almost lost her foot – and has painted ever since. The people who have influenced and encouraged her in the field of painting are her mum, Nancy Rhodes and artist mentors of note, the late Elizabeth Ford, Gareth Morse and Tom Gleghorn from South Australia.

She passionately believes that everyone can paint because it is not only the ‘seeing’ sense that is required to paint, but all of the senses working together.

Carollyn says, ‘look beyond what you think you see.’

Look at it… Walk through it… Touch it… Take part in it…Live it…..

Taste it… Collect it… Smell it….Listen to it… Feel it… Know it… Enjoy it…

Then, when it’s inside… and you just know it’s a part of you… then… Paint it!!!!.

For over 30 years, Carollyn has worked as a classroom teacher and an Art Specialist in preschool, primary and secondary schools, and with adults both Australia-wide and internationally. She enjoys variety in life, this being evident in her painting as her style and subject matter is very diverse.

She has exhibited works in many shows throughout Western Australia, with paintings sold to private collections in Hong Kong, New Zealand and to the State Trades Commission of Western Australia. Currently, Carollyn is working on a huge art project called AquaTa related to water awareness throughout Australia, with the intention of involving many schools and communities.

Life is so exciting and full of new and boundless opportunities that there is no stopping this lady now.

She has stepped off the edge of the cliff and is now in full flight!!

Carollyn has taken part in countless events, exhibitions and local concerts.